Meet Brianna

Owner / Instructor

Brianna is a Tucson local. She attended Sabino High School and graduated from the University of Arizona in 2014. She and her husband Frank share two beautiful children and recently moved back to Tucson in 2022 after spending time exploring SF, LA and Portland. Before joining the fitness industry in 2019 Brianna specialized in software sales and client retention. She joined a company called Fit For Mom in 2019 and there she helped new moms mentally and physically reach a healthy headspace and meet physical goals. 

Brianna started cycling in 2014 for the physical and mental benefits, but it became more to her when her son was born premature and postpartum depression hit hard. She found sanctuary in a local cycle studio in Portland. In 2021 she was ready to welcome the new year and received a phone call that her father had passed away unexpectedly in Los Angeles.  Her father’s passing turned her world upside down and sent her into a deep depression. She started cycling everyday and sometimes twice a day. It was her savior during those difficult days.

Brianna’s goal is to have MOVE be that safe place where people can go to free their mind, get lost in the music and know that they are surrounded by a community filled with understanding and gratitude. She looks forward to moving with you!

Meet Elyssa


Elyssa was born in Princeton, NJ and is currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona! Elyssa started working the front desk at a cycling studio when she was 16 and fell in love with cycling!

Last year Elyssa starting working at the University of Arizona rec center teaching cycling classes. Elyssa is affiliated with Chi Omega at the U of A which helped her discover MOVE! She is so excited to be apart of this amazing community. Elyssa loves to offer themed rides so if you ever have a them make sure to contact her!

Meet Lety


Lety is a native Tucsonan who attended Pueblo High School and graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Media Arts. She loves the storytelling aspect of being a photojournalist, and the demand it requires to stay physically fit to carry her equipment. Lety has always been involved in sports, from softball to basketball, to tennis. When regularly running on a treadmill caused her knee to swell, she took up cycling and developed a passion for the pedal that would lead to instructing.

When Lety isn’t taking photos (still or video), or instructing fitness classes, she can be found with her husband and two children doing something active; from horseback riding to taking their Dalmatians for a walk. 

Lety enjoys the camaraderie that indoor cycling classes bring and says they push her to be better. The classes provide not only a physical outlet but a creative one, “Creating a playlist for a class is like producing your own little story, complete with beginning, middle, and end. It’s always fun to throw in a theme to engage your attendees.

Join Lety for a class and MOVE together.

Meet Bailey


Bailey was born in Long Island New York and came to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. She graduated this past May of 2022 and has decided to stay in Tucson, after having loved living in Arizona. She couldn’t get enough of all the hiking and beautiful mountains!

From a young age, Bailey has always been involved in staying active since beginning dance at the age of three and strictly training for 15 years in both ballet and competitive dance up until college. Prior to starting college, she had a newfound passion for the practice of yoga and trained to become an instructor, receiving her RYT 200hr training certificate in vinyasa yoga. 

Upon coming to college she began taking cycling classes and instantly knew that she would make this become a part of her lifestyle. What makes cycling so special to her is how she was able to go into a class and let go of whatever pressure and stress there was going on in her head and just be able to focus on the movement and music. After pushing herself through a challenging ride, the feeling of accomplishment and joy felt afterwards is like no other.

She is super excited and grateful to be able to teach in such a positive and welcoming environment at MOVE and looks forward to seeing everyone on the bikes! 

Meet Jelika


Jelika was born and raised in Tucson and grew up in the Vail area. She is a University of Arizona alumni and received her degree in elementary education. She is currently an elementary school teacher and loves being in the classroom! Jelika spends her free time hangout out with her husband, two dogs or reading!

Jelika finds movement therapeutics, and loves staying active in lots of different ways. She going to the gym ,yoga, cycling and walking outside enjoying nature. Dealing with depression and anxiety, she finds exercise as a way to help her feel her best, physically and mentally.

You can expect high energy and a fun time in her classes! No matter where you are in your fitness or mental health journey. Jelika is there to support and motivate you to be your best! Jelika’s goal is to motivate each rider and have them leave each class feeling accomplished and proud!

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